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3. How to transfer data from Lite to Pro

The standard procedure to transfer database uses backup files.

in Lite version

Step 1) Run Lite version.

Step 2) Go to Lite's main screen > MENU > Settings > Backup & Restore > "Backup & Restore.. Local"

Step 3) Create a backup using "Create Backup" button
This will create backup file in "/StarNote/backup" folder.

Step 4) Now, close the Lite version and go to Pro version.

in Pro version

Step 6) Go to Pro's main screen > MENU > Settings > "Data transfer.. Lite > Pro"
There you will see all the backups you created in your Lite version.

Step 7) Select the latest backup and restore it.

Step 8) Restart Pro version and check if all the data are transferred. 

Step 9) Once the transfer is completed, you don't need Lite version anymore. Go to Android market and uninstall..