Release note

We release update every two months. If you want any features included in new update, please send us email. We review any requested features with power users. The priority is determined by the popularity of the request and difficulty of implementation. Thanks :)

. Revised icons.
. Upgraded backup module

. Revised image note screen design
. Changed menu icons to ICS style
. Added note title display in Note calendar screen

. Revise online backup settings
. Added add & menu icons in screen headers
. Added Week tabs in Note of the week screen.
. Revised attachment file management logic
(All images, audio attachments are locally managed)

. Added more icons
. Revised background images with gradient look.
. Fixed minor bugs and performance tuning

. Fixed FC in sound alarm
. Added data transfer procedure documentation in Data transfer setting

. Added online backup feature using Dropbox
. Added more background color themes
. Made performance tuning for text file import screen
. Fixed minor bugs



. Fixed FC in FilePickr
. Fixed text message send
. Revised export logic
. Revised About Us screen
. Revised note type selection screen
. Revised title bar and themes
. Added feature to customize the main screen title
. Added feature to put simple events in Calendar screen

. revised time and date formats
. fixed some minor FC
. add an option to hide passcode with *
. change the passcode check logic.
(If there's no passcode set, the passcode screen will be bypassed)
. added more markers
. fixed some missing translation

. fixed wrong translation in sort order description.
. fixed FC happening in todo, voice note in android 1.5

. implement the DEMO version.
. changed the design of todo, voice and photo note screen.
. improved the performance of the export screen.
. add Korean language
. redesigned help, about page
. fixed two FC errors
. fixed FC error happening when the orientation of Label list dialog changes